Well its my favorite subject other than the banter about whose cow has the better calf. Our children and what they are up to.

Chance is just finishing off his firefighter/paramedic course from Vermillion college and he has done us proud with dean’s list the whole way through. He will write his national paramedic exam next Saturday and he has already passed his firefighter portion a while back. He has been actively seeking employment and he may have a job fairly soon. He wants to make money!

We attended his graduation in November 10 days after his older sister convocated with her masters in Physical Therapy. Chances graduation saw his Gigi Mike present him his letter of graduation because he also was a first responder as an RCMP for over 35 years. It was a proud moment for all of us.

And you heard right Charlene convocated with her masters in Physical Therapy and is now practicing at a private practice called “Stride” in Swift Current. She absolutely loves her choice of profession and has recently received her full status as a practicing Physio.

This summer Charlene will marry her best friend Sidney Heuer who we are thrilled to have as a future son in law. They have purchased their own acreage out of Swift close to Sidney’s family so we are happy they are close to them. They manage to come home often with their menagerie of pets that Carla’s pet hotel is always ready and waiting.

So that is our children in a nut shell and they help us keep this farm going with their continued help whenever they can make it. This year Charlene will be home to help with the sale and we are hoping Sidney can make it. Chance we don’t know yet but maybe.

2020  Double C Red Angus