2021 Bull Sale

As I sit in front of my computer today going through the catalogue proof different things come to mind with this year's offering. One- they are an amazing group of bulls and heifers that our customers will have the opportunity to purchase this year for their own herds. Two- now that I have proof read everything, I want to take back all the heifers and not sell them, but I can't do that. We have enough for now of our own so know you are being given the opportunity to own some of the very best we have raised to date and would gladly take them back into our own herd in a proverbial second. So, know we love each and every one we are offering.

Three- this bull group is power and performance extraordinaire and if the EPD's and estimated numbers have you baffled I have to admit I am too. Remember they are only a tool to help you make an initial selection. You really need to come and tour the group in their pens to understand what they are all about. Aspirations calves' numbers don't do them credit but I think it doesn't help that the blacks and reds are all one big group now. Aspiration cattle are extremely easy calving and grow like there is no tomorrow. They are very stylish but do not have the frame size as some of the other bulls we are using at present. So, when they are thrown into the mix the Aspiration numbers are a little on the softer side, but when you see them in person you will forget the numbers and judge the cattle instead.

Four- this year's offering is still coming into themselves but their pictures tell you they are going to be amazing breeding individuals. Five- the heifers are being brought on slower than their half-brothers because heifers need longevity and we have found that the only way to do that is to not push them like we allow the bulls to grow.

Six- come early before sale date and look at these animals on offer in our sale. We will follow the protocols that we have to with covid still on everyone's minds, so you need to see the animals in their pens if you would like to buy on DLMS or contact Shay, as he just went through the offering today Feb 25 and he looked at everyone on offer. Seven- we have already culled two bulls of our 32 due to not liking something about them physically and our vet will do semen tests on the 12th of March so they have that part of the deal covered before sale day on the 30th.

We have some amazing bulls and females to sell on the 30th and we are proud of what Cameron has done with our breeding program of the Reds and he has helped me with my small group of Black cattle but I get final say in them, LOL

So, come join us at our annual sale in our yard on the 30th of March. We will set up our barn/sale facility like we did last year for covid and with 4000 sq feet we can accommodate a lot of friends with 6-meter distancing. I am not sure about being able to have lunch like we used to but we will follow the rules and you won't go hungry if I can help it.

So, till the 30th thank you for checking out this web page and the catalogue here and if you aren't on our mailing list and you would like to be please drop me a line with your address and phone number in a text to my cell number at 1-306-269-7176.

Take care

2020  Double C Red Angus