2019 Bull Sale

     Welcome to our website and thank you for looking us up.  With our rather chilly winter we are still partly froze up from walking through the cows as they try and fool us as to when they want to calve their babies.

We have had a very productive calving season to date and it is because of Cameron’s diligence and keen eye to know which ones want to calve.  We have over half of our cows calved out with beautiful calves now running around and loving being in the warm sun even if the temperatures are still below normal.  It means no scours and other infections so we are happy and they are all healthy and fun to just stand and watch them play tag with their tails straight up in the air as they rip around while their mom’s are busy eating.

We have another outstanding set of bulls and heifers to offer on the 26th of March again in our yard.  We are quickly putting our catalogue together and Carolyn will get it onto the website as soon as she has compiled all the information and put the pictures into place.

There is something new this year for our sale.  We lost a young lady to an untimely death and she left behind a husband and three young children.  Dana was a beautiful young woman that we were devastated to hear she had passed away suddenly just after Thanks-giving.  So we want to help out her young children somehow so we decided to offer a heifer that was originally selected for Red Round Up but she didn’t go due to unforeseen circumstances.  So now she will be auctioned off at our sale by dutch auction and the proceeds will go to Dana’s husband Jon to help him and the kids.  So we hope you will help us raise money for them and also be in the draw to win this beautiful yearling heifer.

So please take a look through the catalogue and give us a call if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing you soon.  Coffee is always on!

Cameron and Carla



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