2017 Catalogue

Welcome everyone to our website that is always behind the times unless it is close to bull sale season.  It is with great pride we showcase our cattle each year.  This year is no exception.  This group of boys and girls are ……….  I can’t do them justice.  They are our best yet and we are so pleased yet again with this year’s offering. 

I usually do a part in our catalogue to thank the people that support us from year to year but I didn’t have the room with picturing only two bulls per page.  But I thought I would do it here on the website.  

Our buyers in almost all cases are now friends.  Some closer than most.  We wouldn’t have a bull sale without Craig and his boys and last year with his wonderful wife as well.  The Herman family are such great gentlemen and Cameron thinks the world of them.  Jenna and Jared who always have come and helped by doing our pictures.  Jenna has finally put her foot down and is spending all or most of her time at home with her cattle and her children so good for you Jenna.  Will miss you two doing the pictures with us but I am glad you want to spend your time with Ava and Cade.  Janette and Brian who always come to give moral support and keep me grounded. 

To Jason and now Luanna who made sure Diesel was left in tact to be our feature of this years’ sale.  To Trevor and Brad, for the many laughs and awesome support each and every year.  To my friends Dianna and Gary and their grandson Ashely.  I want to go on and on but I will acknowledge all of you that come each year with a hug and  many thanks for helping us keep Cameron working on developing his bulls and heifers that still seem to get better from one year to the next. 

 With Jenna taking a break from doing our photos we turned back the clock and went back to Grant and Lorilee.  I didn’t realize how much I missed them till they showed up Tuesday morning at 10 am and we were complete with video and pictures at 5 pm.  What a day and what a fantastic catalogue Carolyn has put together for us in record time.  So please take a look at a catalogue we are extremely proud of and  don’t hesitate to call us about anything you see in it. 

And until the 28th when we meet in person good luck with your calving.  At this time we are down to our last 35 or so to calve of 167 and God has blessed us again with a fast but productive calving season.  So I wish each and everyone of you that has come to our website to view it may you be blessed with ease of calving, calves that grow quickly to sell at the top of the market. 


Thank you all for your support in the past and hopefully in the future.  


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