2017 Catalogue

     Wow where do we begin. 2018 is here and so is another bull sale season. To recap the end of 2017 we had a fantastic show season at Agribition and Harvest Showdown. No ribbons but that wasn’t what we were after. Our bulls and heifers drew a lot of attention and we won in the department we wanted to “Your Interest” and you told us the cattle were great and you proved it to us by coming by and looking at them more than once.

     So thank you everyone for the positive comments and the interest in our program. Slow and steady is how we raise them. The win for us is when they sell for a decent dollar and the new owners have them for years to come. We are proud when fellow breeders have their top selling bulls off of double C females and the cows are already in their early teens. You don’t have to buy from us often because the girls go our and work their hearts out with outstanding offspring year after year. We also want to thank all our commercial buyers that come back year after year for our bulls and our heifers. The positive comments reinforce what we have always wanted to do. To breed fantastic producing cattle that are still getting better and better as the years evolve. We have heard and seen some great comments and animals from the farms they are working at. So to the new potential buyers rest assured we have a solid product with which you can put your trust and you will get good results.   

     Each year our bulls and heifers continue to reach out to repeat buyers and we appreciate how each one of you helps keep us in the business. If you are new and not necessarily looking this year it might really help you to come take a look for the years to come. We don’t follow fads or popularity. We look for animals that are from proven genetics that way we tend to make less mistakes. As an example we bought a Tiger Son a few years back and SIES 309A is blowing our black program into a new dimension as you can see in the blacks both heifers and bull calves. He is just one example of what we are trying to do here at Double C. So please take a gander through this year’s catalogue and if you need a paper copy send us an email and we will put you on our list. Our list changes every year somewhat so please let us know if you want one or if you got missed by accident. Till the 27th may calving go as well as we are experiencing.

Till then the Patterson Family,
Cameron and Carla
Charlene and Sidney
Chance and Kailey

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