Welcome one and all to the Spring of 2016 and to our upcoming bull sale on the 29th of March in the yard here at Foam Lake SK

We have another amazing group of bulls and heifers to present to you on that day for sale.  On offer will be 22 Red Angus yearling bulls, along with 8 Black/red Carrier Angus Bulls and 6 select yearling heifers.

Over the years we have been working on various traits in our cattle.  To date we have developed the hair coats on our cattle to where we like them to be and the Udder development on our females is what we want. 
And in the last few years we have been striving on working at the feet and legs of our animals.  And I think from the comments we have had from our sales staff that we have solved that issue as well. So now you know that it has taken us many years to develop the herd that Cameron is so proud of.  And we hope that the youngsters that have been sold out of our yard the last few years have gone on to be sound , functional working individuals.

Our feeding program has evolved over the years as well and this year we placed the animals on a high fibre pellet with limited grain in them and the results are very impressive.  So we hope you will take a peek at our catalogue and if you are in the market for a great bull or heifer you put us on your list for a visit and possible purchase of one of the Double C animals.  Remember our herd sits at between 175 and 200 breeding females and we cull unbelievably hard.  We want to make sure that what we offer is absolutely our best.  Maybe we judge them too quickly but our sales staff are very impressed with this year’s offering and we think they are pretty special.  And though the pictures in the catalogue are very good often times this year the pictures do not do the individuals justice and by no means are the pictures not good.  So if you are looking please try and come ahead and see the youngsters in their pen and look at the mothers of the animals on offer. 

We are less than 3 weeks into the main calving and we are sitting at over 60% complete with great success to date.  We hope that all the people out there have the success with their purchases like we are experiencing at home this year within our own calving season.

As always remember that Cameron likes to deliver your purchases wherever you may live be it Saskatchewan, Manitoba or Alberta.  Please allow us a time line for your delivery date and we will work with you to get them there in a timely manner.

So till the 29th we wish you success with your calving season,  May they be born unassisted,  grow quickly and sell at the top of the market in the fall.


The Pattersons


Cameron, Carla, Charlene and Chance

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